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Yu Zhu, LAC is an acupuncturist in Arlington Heights, IL. She graduated from Gansu College China and specializes in acupuncture.

Dr. Yu Zhu is the director of First Health's Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) department. She has more than 30 years of medical experience treating patients with allergies, infertility, migraines, stress disorders, respiratory distress, digestive disorders and women's health issues.

Dr. Zhu's medical experience, combined with extensive training as a China-licensed medical physician specializing in acupuncture and herbs, provides patients with an integrated perspective in diagnosis and treatment. Utilizing a TCM holistic system, Dr. Zhu evaluates the body's physiology and works to restore system balance naturally through acupuncture, cupping, herbal remedies, therapeutic massage, therapeutic manipulation and energy work. She works to enhance the immune system to prevent illness. Believing that \

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    Yu Zhu, LAC

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