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Dr. Paul Rhyu, DC is a chiropractor in Centreville, VA. He specializes in chiropractic, sports medicine, and more.

This new paradigm has been based on the fact that a cell, the most basic functional unit of human body, is controlled by the nervous system and these nervous systems are protected by the bones and muscles. The disease and health (wellness) could not be clearly distinguished like black or white. It is rather looks at as the continuous process of being healthy and becoming ill. This is the reason why most of time, symptoms can not even be detected by any medical test until your disorder progresses

Areas of Expertise

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Pain Medicine
Sports Medicine


  • null National University Of Health Sciences / National College Of Chiropractic
  • Dr. Paul Rhyu, DC

    Dr. Paul H. Rhyu (Natura Pain Clinic)

    Natura Pain Clinic
    14631 Lee Hwy Ste 204 Centreville, VA 20121

    Phone:(703) 359-7272

    Natura Pain Clinic (Dr. Paul H. Rhyu)

    Natura Pain Clinic
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    Phone:(703) 359-7272
    14631 Lee Hwy Ste 204 Centreville, VA 20121
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