Dana Leigh Lyons, DAOM

Chinese Herbal Medicine ·  Female · Age 44

About Doctor

Dana Leigh Lyons, DAOM is a chinese herbal medicine specialist in Lake Worth, FL. She graduated from Academy Of Classical Oriental Sciences and specializes in chinese herbal medicine, internal medicine, and more.

I help people struggling with weight, diet and digestion who want a holistic approach to looking and feeling better.

Our integrative, functional medicine clinic features the Alchemist Eating program, in which we combine paleo-primal principles, Chinese Medicine dietary therapy and supporting modalities (including acupuncture & herbal therapy).

We offer services in-person and by long-distance consult.

For more about Alchemist Eating, see: https://alchemisteating.com/

For more about me, see: https://alchemisteating.com/about-dr-dana-leigh-lyons/

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Areas of Expertise

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Addiction Medicine
Dietary Management
Internal Medicine


  • null Academy Of Classical Oriental Sciences
  • null Georgetown University
  • Dana Leigh Lyons, DAOM

    Alchemist Clinic Acupuncture & Elixirs

    Alchemist Clinic Acupuncture & Elixirs
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    2328 10th Ave N Ste 101W Lake Worth, FL 33461
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