Dr. Leonardo Vando, MD

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About Doctor

Dr. Leonardo Vando, MD is a psychiatry specialist in Bronx, NY. He specializes in psychiatry, sports psychiatry & neurology, and more.

Dr. Leonardo Vando is a knowledgeable, highly trained psysiatrist with vast and ample experience in his field. His blend of highly personal sessions and complete honesty provide patients with an effective method to better their wellbeing.

Areas of Expertise

Addiction Psychiatry
Adult Psychiatry
Behavioral Neurological Psychiatry
Behavioral Nutrition Counseling
Eating Disorders
Integrative Psychiatry
Mental Hygiene Psychiatry
Occupational Psychiatry
Pain Medicine Psychiatry
Sleep Medicine (Psychiatry & Neurology)
Social Psychiatry
Sports Psychiatry
Sports Psychiatry & Neurology


Dr. Leonardo Vando, MD

Dr. Vando Psychiatry and Recovery Center
657 E 233rd St Bronx, NY 10466

Phone:(718) 944-1414
657 E 233rd St Bronx, NY 10466
Dr. Leonardo Vando, MD -657 E 233rd St Bronx, NY 10466- Hospital Search Office Phone: (718) 944-1414


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