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Dr. Joanne Wu, MD is a family medicine specialist in Portland, OR and has been practicing for 11 years. She graduated from Duke University in 2004 and specializes in family medicine and acupuncture.

I try to emphasize maintaining overall wellness so when sickness happens, your body will have the defenses to fight it.  I see many people who are concerned about maintaining a balanced lifestyle in this bustling world. Focusing on what is important and less on trying to do everything can make a big difference.  Taking time to care for you is as significant as caring for the family.

Stay healthy!

Exercise – Walk, hike, ski, do yoga, or do anything that encourages you to use your lungs and muscles. Oregon has so many things to offer!

Eat Well – Stick with mostly fruits and vegetables. I often recommend the Mediterranean Diet as a guideline for eating healthy, and everything in moderation.

Mental Happiness – Choose to live a positive life. Enjoy the things life brings to you especially the simple  pleasures.

I have always been a nurturer and instinctively knew that my career path would be a teacher or a doctor. Medicine, I discovered, would afford me the chance to be a teacher and a healer and reach a very broad audience. It gave me the opportunity to help patients stay healthy. I explored complementary medicine and studied for a year in OHSU's Integrative Medicine fellowship, with a focus on acupuncture.

Since acupuncture supports overall wellness and health with minimal potential side effects, I have found it very helpful for disorders that conventional medicine does not have a very good track record of treating. There is also increasing evidence-based clinical research that substantiates the effectiveness of using acupuncture with conventional medicine.

Many patients find that acupuncture combined with conventional medicine helps to alleviate pain, anxiety or depression, respiratory problems, perimenopause issues, and assist with relaxation. Often, it can also improve sleep patterns and relieve nausea or discomfort during pregnancy.

Complementary medicine has seen an increase in insurance coverage, so it is important to verify with your insurance company that this benefit is covered.

Areas of Expertise

Family Medicine


  • 2008 Oregon Health Sciences University
  • 2007 Oregon Health and Science University
  • 2005 Oregon Health and Science University
  • 2004 Duke University
  • 2000 Stanford University
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