Dr. Jennifer Kegel, MD

Acupuncture ·  Female · Age 53

About Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Kegel, MD is an acupuncturist in Lancaster, PA. She graduated from Harvard Medical School and specializes in acupuncture.

Dr. Kegel's interactive approach makes her patients integral participants in their treatment. An initial visit will begin with a conversation to determine the patient's mental and physical well-being, complaints and needs. During physical evaluation, Dr. Kegel will use palpation, or touch, to determine areas of tightness, while the patient will indicate areas of tenderness or pain. Using acupressure and the patient's guidance, Dr. Kegel will find the acupoints that release the tightness or pain and place a needle in the exact location and angle that the acupressure was applied.

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  • Dr. Jennifer Kegel, MD

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